LED traffic lights and signals manufactured by SEA Company


Focusing on global trends and guided by the requirements of global norms and standards SEA Company since 2008 engaged in the production of modern high-tech traffic light products, which are made on the basis of its own production traffic using modern equipment and the latest technology.

LED Traffic Lights Product for Vehicle Signal

200 mm LED Traffic Lights /
LED Pedestrian Signal
300 mm LED Traffic Lights /
LED Pedestrian Signal
LED Traffic Lights with Countdown Timer /
LED Pedestrian Signal with Countdown Timer
Audible Pedestrian Signals
200&300 mm Combined LED Traffic Lights

Main features of LED traffic lights with central light source of SEA Company’s manufacturing

  • Characteristics of SEA Company's traffic lights include long service life, high luminosity and sturdy construction.
  • Color fastness of the cabinet material and high impact resistance of the material are guarantees for durability.
  • Power-saving LED modules contribute to the perfect design.
  • The elements are available in two versions: Slim Line and Classic Line.
  • In addition to numerous symbol inserts SEA.

Cвітлодіодні дорожні знаки, дорожні знаки,  LED освітлення пішохідних переходів

SEA Company also offers turn arrows, counters and acoustic signal transmitters for pedestrian crosswalks.

LED traffic lights and technical equipment for traffic managment:

  • Supply voltage 220V (+22 / -33) 50Hz.
  • Average power for one traffic light section doesn’t exceed 12W.
  • Traffic lights maintain stable lighting parameters during the whole time of exploitation within range of supply voltage from 187VAC to 242VAC and have minimum power factor 0,9 within whole range of supply voltage and operating temperatures.

LED module with built-in central light source and Fresnel lens:

  • Front lenses of modules are transparent and completely exclude phantom flash.
  • Traffic light housings are made of black polycarbonate.
  • Protection level IP65.
  • Operating temperatures -40°С ~ +70°С.
  • Traffic light weight depending on configuration – 7~11 kg.
  • Traffic light design allows fastening of additional sections to it.
  • Fastening construction allows to install traffic lights at all types of consoles, walls and ropes.
  • Lifetime not less then 10 years.
  • Warranty period of exploitation is 5 years.

Front lens material - polycarbonate. Color – colored or non-colored (black tint). Fresnel lens material – transparent acryl. Housing material – dark polyamides.

Main technical characteristics of LED traffic lights with central light source of SEA Company’s manufacturing

SEA Company is a manufacturer of high quality LED Traffic Light Countdown signs and LED traffic lights modules. LED traffic lights modules from SEA Company offer many advantages - including external diverging lens, specially developed for central lighting, and internal Fresnel lens. This solution ensures even light distribution in accordance with the requirements in the specification. The obscuring technology in the production of the front lenses reduces the phantom effect of the color change through the action of light, therefore making a major contribution to traffic safety


For additional information and to negotiate the acquisition of traffic lights and technical means of traffic control you may contact the manufacturer's office — SEA Company, tel.: +49 2203-9618031info@sea-components.de