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TMR-1 Series: Fully Regulated 1 Watt DC/DC Converter

With TMR-1 Series TRACOPOWER launches a fully regulated, isolated 1 Watt DC/DC converter series available in SMD or SIP package.
The SIP version models are drop in replacements for the widespread unregulated standard SIP-6 package converters. With a stable output voltage over full load range, these converters solve the problem of voltage drifting voltage especially at no load condition. They provide wide input voltage ranges of 4.5-9.0, 9.0-18, 18-36 and 36-75 VDC and output voltages of 5.0, 12, 15, 24, ±12 and ±15 VDC. With an I/O- isolation of 1500VDC, high efficiency and an operating temperature range up to 85°C at full load (75°C for SMD models) they are a reliable and compact solution, not only for on board power distribution, but also for powering detached low power circuits. Datasheets and safety certification:
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OEM unit prices starting at USD 5.00