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The TSR 3 Series: 3A Step-down converter, improved design for negative output voltage applications.

The TSR 3 series models can now also be operated with negative output voltage. The modification does not affect the specification for positive output voltage operation. The model codes remain the same.
The TSR 3 models are non isolated step down switching regulators. The series consists of four models with adjustable output voltages in the ranges of 0.6-3.3 VDC, 0.6-6.0 VDC, 3.0-6.0 VDC and 5.0-15.0 VDC. They provide an output current of 3 A over full voltage range. The outputs can be inverted to negative voltages of the same range. In negative operation they provide an output current up to 2.2 A.They come in a very compact open frame package of 15.5 x 9.4 x 6.2mm. The high efficiency of up to 95% admits a full load operation up to 50°C and up to 85°C with 50% current reduction. A low standby current, a very wider input range and no requirement for external capacitors and heatsink give these switching regulators a significant advantage over linear regulators. Togther with a remote On/Off input and protection against short circuit and over temperature the TSR 3 Series models are ideal point of load regulators for high reliable and energy critical applications.
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