Electronic components

Our product range includes passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, quartz resonators, dischargers, connectors, fuses, commutation products) as well as active components (microcircuits, transistors, diodes, diode bridges, light-emitting diodes, liquid-crystal indicators, optoelectronics, fuses, sensors). Our company does delivery from big world distributors and directly from producers.

Products available in the SEA Company's warehouse as of 14/12/2023:
Showing 1-20 of 1,468 items.
Part NumberDescriptionBrandQuantityPackDate 
AZ822-2C-48DSEnullAmerican Zettler, Inc.100200
25121WJ012JT4E1,2 Ohm 100 pcs 2512 5 %Royal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.100400
HCPL3120-000EHCPL-3120-000EBroadcom Limited (Avago)100500
VS-30CTQ080-M330CTQ080Vishay Semiconductors100500
AT91SAM7S256D-AUnullAtmel Semiconductor (Microchip)10000
FP00325K10F6601CF5,1 kOhmVishay Dale10010000
2312 574 21002 : UXB02070H1001CCU001,0 kOhmVishay BC Components Vertriebs1001000
2312 574 24992 : UXB02070H4991CCU004,99 kOhmVishay BC Components Vertriebs1001000
2312 574 26042 : UXB02070H6041CCU006,04 kOhmVishay BC Components Vertriebs1001000
2312 574 21003 : UXB02070H1002CCU0010 kOhmVishay BC Components Vertriebs1001000
2312 574 22003 : UXB02070H2002CCU0020 kOhmVishay BC Components Vertriebs1001000
S25FL256SAGMFIR03nullCypress Semiconductor10000
TPS22810TDBVRQ1TPS22810TDBVRQ1Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)10030000
09 18 510 68139185106813HARTING Eastern Europe GmbH1001000
100BGQ015nullInternational Rectifier Corporation10000
REF3125AIDBZTnullTexas Instruments Incorporated (TI)1002500
IR11672ASPBFnullInternational Rectifier Corporation100950
LM2576TV-5GnullOn Semiconductor100500