Electronic components

Our product range includes passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, quartz resonators, dischargers, connectors, fuses, commutation products) as well as active components (microcircuits, transistors, diodes, diode bridges, light-emitting diodes, liquid-crystal indicators, optoelectronics, fuses, sensors). Our company does delivery from big world distributors and directly from producers.

Products available in the SEA Company's warehouse as of 14/12/2023:
Showing 21-40 of 1,468 items.
Part NumberDescriptionBrandQuantityPackDate 
TH3D476K016C060047 µF 16 VVishay Sprague388000
F930J107KAA100 µF 6,3 VAVX Corporation173420000
TAJB107K006RNJ100 µF 6,3 VAVX Corporation2035520000
TCR107K10AT2100 µF 10 VHitano Enterprise Corp95710000
TCJB157M006R0070150 µF 6,3 VAVX Corporation197020000
T491D227K016AT220 µF 16 VKemet Electronics2505000
T520D337M006ATE045330 µF 6,3 VKemet Electronics53000
293D337X9010E2TE3330 µF 10 VVishay Sprague2584000
T495X477K010ATE100 : B45197A2477K509470 µF 10 VKemet Electronics176000
EHR101M35BA(6.3*11)100 µF 35 VHitano Enterprise Corp1000010000
EHR331M35BA330 µF 35 VHitano Enterprise Corp300000
ECR010M2VB1,0 µF 350 VHitano Enterprise Corp1021310000
EXR010M2GB1,0 µF 400 VHitano Enterprise Corp701510000
EHR2R2M50B2,2 µF 50 VHitano Enterprise Corp1961810000
ENR2R2M2AB2,2 µF 100 VHitano Enterprise Corp930310000
EHR2R2M2GBA2,2 µF 400 VHitano Enterprise Corp159055000
E5R3R3M50B3,3 µF 50 VHitano Enterprise Corp2006720000
ECR3R3M50B3,3 µF 50 VHitano Enterprise Corp1297310000
EHR3R3M2WBA (8*12)3,3 µF 450 VHitano Enterprise Corp480005000
E5R4R7M35B4,7 µF 35 VHitano Enterprise Corp1229120000