Electronic components

Our product range includes passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, quartz resonators, dischargers, connectors, fuses, commutation products) as well as active components (microcircuits, transistors, diodes, diode bridges, light-emitting diodes, liquid-crystal indicators, optoelectronics, fuses, sensors). Our company does delivery from big world distributors and directly from producers.

Products available in the SEA Company's warehouse as of 14/12/2023:
Showing 201-220 of 1,468 items.
Part NumberDescriptionBrandQuantityPackDate 
ELV221M25RE220 µF 25 VHitano Enterprise Corp65395000
EZV221M35RE220 µF 35 VHitano Enterprise Corp28795000
ELV331M0JRD330 µF 6,3 VHitano Enterprise Corp925000
ELV331M25RF330 µF 25 VHitano Enterprise Corp45825000
EZV331M25RE330 µF 25 VHitano Enterprise Corp16655000
EZV331M35RF330 µF 35 VHitano Enterprise Corp22885000
ELV471M16RE470 µF 16 VHitano Enterprise Corp28995000
EZV471M16RE470 µF 16 VHitano Enterprise Corp48935000
EHV471M25RF470 µF 25 VHitano Enterprise Corp20005000
EZV471M25RF470 µF 25 VHitano Enterprise Corp34505000
EEEFK1V471SP : EEE-FK1V471SP470 µF 35 VPanasonic1945000
EEV-FK1V681Q680 µF 35 VPanasonic5052000
EZV102M0JRE1000 µF 6,3 VHitano Enterprise Corp16605000
ELV102M10RF1000 µF 10 VHitano Enterprise Corp23405000
C1206C103J5RAC78000,01 µF 50 V 100 pcs 1206 X7R 5%Kemet Electronics149400
C2012X7T2E104K125AA0,1 µF 250 V 0805 250V X7T 10%TDK130000
CC1812KKX7RYBB4740,47 µF 250 V 1812 X7R 10%Yageo1371100000
CBR02C708B3GAC0,7 pF 25 V 0201 NP0 ±0.1pFKemet Electronics4090150000
C3216X8R1H105K160AE1,0 µF 50 V 1206 X8R 10%TDK50020000
GRM31MR61A106ME19L10 µF 10 V 1206 X5R 20%Murata Electronics1847030000