Electronic components

Our product range includes passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, quartz resonators, dischargers, connectors, fuses, commutation products) as well as active components (microcircuits, transistors, diodes, diode bridges, light-emitting diodes, liquid-crystal indicators, optoelectronics, fuses, sensors). Our company does delivery from big world distributors and directly from producers.

Products available in the SEA Company's warehouse as of 14/12/2023:
Showing 181-200 of 1,468 items.
Part NumberDescriptionBrandQuantityPackDate 
1812X107M250SNT100 µF 25 V 1812 X7R 20%Capax Technologies, Inc29200
KBU8MnullDC Components2942500
MBRS360T3GnullOn Semiconductor29725000
TLE4905LTLE4905L E6433Infineon Technologies29820000
SN65HVD3082EDRnullTexas Instruments Incorporated (TI)300750
MFRF1WF0302A1030 kOhm 100 pcsRoyal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.300100
FRN01WJ0220A1022 Ohm 100 pcsRoyal Electronic Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd.300100
ATMEGA128A-AUnullAtmel Semiconductor (Microchip)300900
M55342K06B10E0RS210 kOhm 0705 1 % TCR=100ppmVishay Dale30020
CMF552K0000BEEB2,0 kOhmVishay Dale30010000
EHR332M50B3300 µF 50 VHitano Enterprise Corp3002000
GP1S58VJ000FnullSharp Microelectronics3001000
LPS4018-184MRC180 µHn Fixed Inductors LPS4018 Low Profile 180uH 0.36A 20% SMDCoilcraft, Inc.30010000
SRR1210-471M470 µHn SMD 12.0*12.0*10.0mm 20 %Bourns3002500
TLE4964-5MTLE49645MXTSA1Infineon Technologies30030000
CL32A476KOJNNNE47 µF 16 V 1210 X5R 10%Samsung Electro-Mechanics30010000
B66361GX187B66361G0000X187TDK EPCOS3003000