Electronic components

Our product range includes passive components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, quartz resonators, dischargers, connectors, fuses, commutation products) as well as active components (microcircuits, transistors, diodes, diode bridges, light-emitting diodes, liquid-crystal indicators, optoelectronics, fuses, sensors). Our company does delivery from big world distributors and directly from producers.

Products available in the SEA Company's warehouse as of 14/12/2023:
Showing 1-20 of 1,468 items.
Part NumberDescriptionBrandQuantityPackDate 
TLJR106M010R200010 µF 10 VAVX Corporation38025000
THJD107K010RJN100 µF 10 VAVX Corporation2105000
TMCP1C475MTRF4,7 µF 16 VVishay Sprague270830000
T490A476M010ATE1K247 µF 10 VKemet Electronics25220000
NTC-T685K10TRAF6,8 µF 10 VNIC Components174820000
293D104X9035A2TE30,1 µF 35 VVishay Sprague156720000
TAJA105K025RNJ1,0 µF 25 VAVX Corporation148020000
293D105X9050C2TE31,0 µF 50 VVishay Sprague6455000
293D225X9035B2TE32,2 µF 35 VVishay Sprague225120000
TAJA475K016RNJ : A4B6WRR05004,7 µF 16 VAVX Corporation172920000
TAJB475K035RNJ4,7 µF 35 VAVX Corporation82720000
293D475X9035C2TE34,7 µF 35 VVishay Sprague8775000
TAJB106M006RNJ10 µF 6,3 VAVX Corporation200020000
TAJR106M010RNJ10 µF 10 VAVX Corporation136800
TAJC106K035RNJ10 µF 35 VAVX Corporation97985000
TH3E226K035C050022 µF 35 VVishay Sprague950000
TAJB336K010RNJ33 µF 10 VAVX Corporation200020000
293D336X9010C2TE333 µF 10 VVishay Sprague5055000
293D476X96R3B2TE347 µF 6,3 VVishay Sprague63520000
TLJA476M010R060047 µF 10 VAVX Corporation158020000