Best price on high-quality thyristor modules on stock


SEA Company offers (from a warehouse in Kyiv) thyristor module (SCR) MCMA110P1200TA (Itav = 110A, Vrrm = 1200V), replacement MCC95.

Thyristor modules are issued with the increased maximum splash in direct current (ITSM = 1900 A, at TVJ = 45 °C) that influences further increase of reliability.

MCTA140P1600TA - new generation of thyristor modules in the TO-240 case in addition to MCMA140P1600TA which are let out earlier.


Features / Advantages:

  • Thyristor for line frequency
  • Planar passivated chip
  • Long-term stability
  • Direct Copper Bonded Al2O3-ceramic



Main data for thyristor module MCMA110P1200TA:  


 Product Category

SCR Modules

 On-State RMS Current - It RMS

170 A

 Rated Repetitive Off-State Voltage VDRM

1.2 kV

 Off-State Leakage Current @ VDRM IDRM

10 mA

 On-State Voltage

1.21 V

 Holding Current Ih Max

200 mA

 Gate Trigger Voltage - Vgt

1.5 V

 Gate Trigger Current - Igt

150 mA

 Maximum Operating Temperature

+ 140 C



 Current Rating

110 A

 Minimum Operating Temperature

- 40 C





Optional accessories: Keyed gate/cathode twin plugs  

For more information, please, contact the SEA company, the official distributor of IXYS in Ukraine, by e-mail: