TEP series - high performance DC/DC-converters


DC/DC-converters TRACO POWER TMA 0505S, TMA 0512D and TMA 0515D

The TEP 75-2415WI and TEP 160-2415WIR are isolated high performance DC/DC-converters module with ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage ranges which come in a rugged, sealed metal case and industry standard half brick package, accordingly. These converters are suitable for a wide range of applications, but the main purpose is to use the product in the industrial applications where often no PCB mounting is possible but it is necessary that the module has to be mounted on a chassis. Four threaded M3 inserts in the module makes chassis mount or attachment of a heatsink for optimal thermal management very simple. For easy link there is also an unique adaptor available with screw terminals. A very high efficiency allows full power operation without forced air cooling at 25°C This temperature can be increased to 40°C with optional mounted heatsink or up to 60°C when mounted on an iron base plate.  Further features include output voltage trimming, Remote On/Off and under voltage lockout. The very wide input voltage range and reverse input voltage protection make these converters also an interesting solution for battery operated systems.


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Main data for TEP 75-2415WI and TEP 160-2415WIR DC/DC-converters:


TEP 75-2415WI

TEP 160-2415WIR

Input voltage

9 – 36 VDC

8.5 – 36 VDC

Output voltage

24 VDC

Output current max.

3.2 A

6.0 A

Efficiency typ

87 %

90 %

Line Regulation


Load Regulation



Temperature ranges

–40°C to +75°C



Ripple And Noise


200mV Pk-Pk

Power Rating


142 → 182W

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