Tiny GSM/GPRS module AirPrime® WS6318


Ровно три года назад Sierra Wireless S.A. вывела в свет одно из самых удачных своих решений – миниатюрный GSM/GPRS-модуль AirPrime® WS6318 в форм-факторе LGA

SEA Company offers (from a warehouse in Kiev) the smallest GSM / GPRS-module in the LGA package manufactured by Canadian company Sierra Wireless.

AirPrime® WS6318  Intelligent Embedded Module is a highly compact 2G GSM/GPRS 900/1800 module for voice and data connectivity (voice, SMS, CSD and GPRS class 10 capable). It includes the radio, baseband, memory, and firmware in a package specifically designed for M2M applications.

Due to the unique technology of the protective layer that covers the housing units, WS6318 is extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The module operates in a wide temperature range of -40 ... 85 °C, the module has low power consumption in the active mode (1.3 mA) and a wide range of supply voltage (3.2 ... 4.8 V). The device supports firmware update via any terminal program by X-Modem protocol.

      RFQ code: 1102002 SKU

Features of AirPrime® WS6318:

  • WS Series DK - универсальный набор разработчика для GSM-модемов WS6318 и WISMO228.Miniature size: 15x17.8x2.5 mm;
  • Full GSM/GPRS Operating System stack with standard and dedicated M2M AT commands;
  • Decoding the DTMF;
  • Generation of DTMF and single tones;
  • Built-stack TCP / IP + FTP;
  • Connect 2 speakers;
  • Monitor network (obtaining service information)
  • 2 Serial links (UART1 and UART2, where UART2 is used for debug purposes only)
  • «Tx Burst» and «Ready» Indication;
  • Audio: PCM, 2 Speakers and 1 Microphone
  • Digital Interfaces: 8 GPIO, 2 PWM, Buzzer, On/Off, Flash LED  
  • 10 GPIOs, 1 GPI


Debug module for WS6318 (WS Series DK) is development kit for WS6318 and WISMO228 GSM-modem which available at SEA Company - the official distributor of Sierra Wireless.




To purchase Sierra Wireless products, please contact to the Department of wireless technology of SEA Company

+38 (044) 291-00-41; e-mail: info@sea.com.ua.