The FET IXFN180N20 Summer Sale is here!


Летние скидки на полевые транзисторы Ixys

SEA Company offers summer discounts for the stock position: N-channel power MOSFET with integrated fast diodes (HiPerFET) in SOT-227B package. Electronic components IXFN 180N20 are manufactured by IXYS Semiconductor GmbH. A discount for this position is 20%.


Attention! The number of promotional products is limited.


Летние скидки на полевые транзисторы Ixys        Specifications of IXFN 180N20:

  •    FET Feature:Standard
  • FET Type: MOSFET N-Channel, Metal Oxide

  • Ultimate constant dissipation power of MOSFET's drain: 700 W

  • Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss): 200V

  • Ultimate gate-source voltage (Vgs): 20 V

  • Current - Continuous Drain (Id): 180A

  • Ultimate temperature (Tj): 150 C

  • Drain-source capacitance (Cd): 22000 pF

  • Drain-source resistance in the ON state (Rds):0.01 Ohms

  • Package: SOT227B

Considering purchase MOSFET’s for special price, please, contact SEA Company:  (044) 291-00-41, e-mail:


Летние скидки на полевые транзисторы Ixys