Product Revision of APV-8 & APC-8 LED-drivers


Компания Mean Well, мировой лидер в разработке и производстве импульсных источников питания, расширяет линейку маломощных LED-драйверов внутреннего применения моделями APV-8 и APC-8 мощностью 8 Вт

MEAN WELL reports that in LED power supplies of APV-8 and APC-8 series have been occasionally found the components are crushed by the enclosure during production since they were released for mass production in 2015.06. In order to protect the rights and interests of the customers, MEAN WELL makes enclosure height alteration as the best solution after our internal comprehensive evaluation that conducts the revision of increasing 1.5mm in height to APV-8 and APC-8 enclosures.
This revision only involves in the minor change of the enclosure height since MEAN WELL always maintains the product quality and enhances the production yield; the electrical specification remains unchanged so there will be no issues resulting from this version switch. The original version products passed complete quality assurance test before delivery that there will be no quality issues. In order to keep the market competitiveness, the incurred cost increase due to this upgrade will be 100% taken in by MEAN WELL that no corresponding adjustment will be applied to the pricing. For more details, please refer to the table below. Should you have any questions about this revision, please contact MEAN WELL sales representatives.
I. Schedule of Revision?2015.9.12
II. Content of Revision?

Изменение габаритов LED-драйверов APV-8 и APC-8

P.S: The specifications of the aforementioned models will be updated and announced to MEAN WELL official website by 2015.09.14.


MEAN WELL unveiled the new 8W products, APV-8 (constant voltage mode) and APC-8 (constant current mode),in May-2015. Following the concept of “low cost but reliable” from APV/C-12~35(12~35W) which are already released to the market, APV/C-8 will be a perfect power supply choices for various types of low power indoor LED lighting applications.


бюджетные модели AC/DC-преобразователей мощностью 8 Вт: APV-8 и APC-8, работающие, соответственно, в режиме постоянного напряжения (c.v.) и постоянного тока (c.c.) на выходеОсновные характеристики LED-драйверов APV-8 и APC-8:


  • 90~264VAC full range input
  • APV series: constant voltage (C.V.) design, APC series: constant current (C.C.) design
  • Exploit UL94V-0 flame retardant plastic caseNo load power consumption <0.5W
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • Working temperature: -30~+70?
  • Class II power unit (no FG)
  • Protections?APV-8, Short circuit/Overload/Over voltage; APC-8, Short circuit
  • IP30 design
  • Approval?CE
  • Dimension (L x W x H)?60x 30x 23,5 mm
  • 2 years warranty

Компании СЭА - 25 лет!


For further technical information of MEAN WELL products contact the official distributor in Ukraine - SEA Company Tel: (044) 291-00-41 (ext. 804),Рост количества светодиодных приложений малой мощности (до 10 Вт) породило соответствующий спрос на простые и экономичные LED-драйверы в бюджетном исполнении