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The TON-15WI series is a generation of high performance 15W dc-dc converters with ultra-wide input voltage range and precisely regulated output voltage. The ultra compact open frame design with industry standard pin-out provides the designer now a 50% smaller, cost efficient alternative to existing 10 to 15W converters in the market. Built-in filters for both input and output minimize the need for external filtering. Further features include remote On/Off, output voltage trimming, over voltage protection and short circuit protection. Typical applications are distributed power systems, instrumentation and industrial electronics, everywhere where space on the PCB is a critical factor.

October 2014: Active

Product is recommended for new designs.

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  • Low profile, open frame
  • SMD or trough hole version
  • Ultra wide 4:1 input voltage range
  • High efficiency up to 88 %
  • I/O-isolation 2250 VDC (planar transformer)
  • Operating temperature range –40 °C to +85 °C
  • Remote On/Off
  • Adjustable output voltage

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