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The TMPS-05 series comprises very compact AC/DC power modules in lightweight, fully encapsulated plastic casing for PCB mount. Beside the safety approvals for industrial and IT solutions, they are also certified to EN 60335-1 for household appliance. With internal filter they comply to EMC emission EN 55011/22 Class B and to EMC immunity EN 55014-2 and EN 55024. These 5 Watt modules are the ideal solution for low power application or offset circuits when space is critical. A further domain is to drive a unit in standby mode when energy efficiency according ErP directive is required. A peak current of 130% facilitates the activation of main circuits.

May 2015: Active

Product is recommended for new designs, however, during introduction availability is subject to change.

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  • PCB power module in 1" x 1" package
  • Certified to EN 60035-1 for household appliance
  • No load input power <300 mW to comply with ErP directive.
  • Operating Temp. Range -25°C to +70°C
  • EMI meets EN 55022 class B and EN 55014-1
  • Protection Class ll prepared

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TMPS 05-1035 Watt3.3 VDC / 1515 mACall
TMPS 05-1055 Watt5 VDC / 1000 mACall
TMPS 05-1095 Watt9 VDC / 555 mACall
TMPS 05-1125 Watt12 VDC / 416 mACall
TMPS 05-1155 Watt15 VDC / 333 mACall
TMPS 05-1245 Watt24 VDC / 208 mACall
TMPS 05-1485 Watt48 VDC / 104 mACall