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The TMDC 20 Series is a range of encapsulated high performance DC/DC converter modules. With a very high efficiency of up to 91% and the use of highest grade components these 20 W converters are made for a reliable operation in the temperature range of -40°C up to 90°C. They come in chassis mount version with screw terminal block. The 8 models have a wide 4:1 input voltage range and a tight output voltage regulation. They do not need a minimum load and offer a high efficiency also at low load conditions. They feature a remote control input while a green LED indicates the presence of the output voltage. EMC characteristics and safety certifications are aligned for the operation in industrial and residential environment.

October 2014: Active

Product is recommended for new designs.

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  • Fully encapsulated low profile plastic casing
  • regulated
  • I/O isolation 2500VDC functional
  • Operating temperature range -40 to +90°C
  • Remote On/Off
  • Chassis mount
  • Optional DIN-Rail mount adapter

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TMDC 20-24119 - 36 VDC5.1 VDC / 4000 mACall
TMDC 20-24129 - 36 VDC12 VDC / 1670 mACall
TMDC 20-24159 - 36 VDC24 VDC / 835 mACall
TMDC 20-24189 - 36 VDC48 VDC / 420 mACall
TMDC 20-481118 - 75 VDC5.1 VDC / 4000 mACall
TMDC 20-481218 - 75 VDC12 VDC / 1670 mACall
TMDC 20-481518 - 75 VDC24 VDC / 835 mACall
TMDC 20-481818 - 75 VDC48 VDC / 420 mACall