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The TRACOPOWER TCL series is a family of DIN-rail power supplies with an excellent price/performance ratio. With tightly regulated output voltage and high immunity against electrical disturbances on the mains they provide a reliable power source for sensitive loads in industrial process controls, machine tools and other equipment exposed to a difficult industrial environment. Compact size, light weight, easy snap-on mounting on DIN-rails and the choice of two connection terminal versions are other features of these power supplies. The TCL series complies with all major safety standards for Europe (EN60950-1, EN50178), North America (UL/cUL 60950, UL 508C listed) or elsewhere in the world (CB-Report).

October 2014: Active

Product is recommended for new designs.

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  • For industrial, office and residential applications
  • Ultracompact plastic housing
  • Connection by spring clamp terminals or detachable screw terminal block
  • Reliable snap-on mounting on DIN-rails
  • Adaptor for wall mounting
  • Universal input 85–264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Output voltage adjustable
  • Power OK signal
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Overload and short-circuit protection

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TCL 024-10520 Watt5.1 VDC / 4000 mACall
TCL 024-11224 Watt12 VDC / 2000 mACall
TCL 024-12424 Watt24 VDC / 1000 mACall
TCL 024-124C24 Watt24 VDC / 1000 mACall
TCL 060-11248 Watt12 VDC / 4000 mACall
TCL 060-112C48 Watt12 VDC / 4000 mACall
TCL 060-12460 Watt24 VDC / 2500 mACall
TCL 060-124C60 Watt24 VDC / 2500 mACall
TCL 060-14860 Watt48 VDC / 1250 mACall
TCL 060-148C60 Watt48 VDC / 1250 mACall
TCL 120-11296 Watt12 VDC / 8 ACall
TCL 120-112C96 Watt12 VDC / 8 ACall
TCL 120-124120 Watt24 VDC / 5000 mACall
TCL 120-124C120 Watt24 VDC / 5000 mACall
TCL 240-124240 Watt24 VDC / 10 ACall